Walnut Sapling
Chandler Walnut Sapling
Chandler Walnut Sapling
Fernor Walnut Sapling
Franquette Walnut Sapling
Fernette Walnut Sapling

   As Cevizce Erdem Fidancılık, we are producing certificated, grafted walnut saplings for 10 years in Balıkesir, Bandırma, Turkey.
   We produce walnut saplings in fields and in greenhouses. We produce American Chandler Walnut, French Fernor, Fernette and Franquette Walnut saplings.
   As we are selling walnut saplings in our country, we are exporting walnut saplings to Europe and Asia.
   We give technical support for the walnut fields that you are going to create in Turkey and other countries.

Walnut Saplings That We Produce  
chandler-walnut-qoz-sapling Chandler Walnut Sapling
An American walnut type that developed by California University and highly productive. Chandler Walnut Trees has big, heavy, light cased, high quality fruits. It can be planted like 4m x 8m in field.
 fernor-walnut-qoz-sapling Fernor Walnut Sapling             
A French walnut type that flowers late. Fernor Walnut Trees has high quality, light colored, big, heavy, light coloured fruits. It can be planted like 4m x 8m in field.
 franquette-walnut-qoz-sapling Franquette Walnut Sapling            
A French walnut type that using for pollinate Chandler Saplings. Saplings grows vertically, fast and strong. One sapling can pollinate 20 Chandler Saplings.
 fernette-qoz-walnut-sapling Fernette Walnut Sapling            
A French walnut type that has corps on his sub-branches. It pollinates Fernor Saplings and one Fernette can pollinate 20 of them.